Short term investments

Generally speaking, in Greek territory, and in Halkidiki in particular, new, fresh ideas are checked out by investors, mostly from abroad. Therefore, apart from large investments worth millions, there are also options for short-range investors to place their funds in minor investments, with guaranteed pay-off within a decade, or over a 5-year period, or even, with immediate return of their capital plus profit.

The procedure is a simple one and, through our company, in co-operation with the best consultants on technical, constructional and legal issues, the risk is minimal. By purchasing a property, be it a stand-alone house, a maisonette, or even an apartment, the first move has already been made. Therefore, the selection of the right property is the most significant step in view of an investment. There are two particular factors in the market where attention should be paid: the distance from the sea and the number of bedrooms. Needless to say, there are several others, such as a sea view or the condition the property is in, but the location and maximum capacity of the residence are the major factors that increase the value of an investment. Even when the condition of the property is not the best and it needs partial or radical renovation, this should not be considered an obstacle. On the contrary, it may well offer a better, more attractive option, for the simple reason that this property will be purchased at a lower price, thanks to our company's negotiating leverage, and the renovation will be made at the lowest cost, with the experience of our construction department.

When the residence is ready, our rental department will take over with promotional campaigns not only in Europe, but around the world. We can advertise your new, renovated property on all relevant portals and sites globally. In a holiday region like Halkidiki, where the high season lasts for at least 4-5 months, you can easily achieve occupancy for longer than 150 nights/year; this means that your capital will be quickly returned. There is also the option for direct resale of the property at a higher price than what you paid to buy it, allowing for the money you spent on the renovation. After all, you will then be selling a new property, which is what everybody is looking for in Halkidiki.

So, through the simple buying - renovating - selling process, you can easily invest an amount and, if you are not willing to venture an investment or just want a holiday for your own use some weeks a year, you also have the option of renting it for the rest of the season, and earn back the money you spent for your vacation! 

Have a nice stay

5years residence permit issuing for non-EU citizens

In the spirit of providing the best service to international clients, our company offers the service of having a 5-year residence permit (Visa Type D) issued for them. A Visa can be issued for them and their families, for Greece and, usually, for all Schengen countries (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland).

The 5-year residence permit is available by virtue of a decision from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Law 4146/2013) for buyers or tenants of real estate properties exceeding in value the amount of €250.000. Regarding tenants, the prerequisite condition is a ten-year lease of a property at a total cost exceeding the amount mentioned above. Our company undertakes on the client’s behalf their full representation before all Greek and international government agencies, collecting and submitting all documents necessary, submitting applications and delivering the Visa to the client. Thus, all procedures are simplified and accelerated, so that the client does not have to face any unnecessary trouble or inconvenience. 



Collecting, submitting and managing the file for hotels, rooms - to - let and holiday residences. Completing all procedures necessary – submittal of documents for the inclusion of properties under the relevant Tourist Exploitation Law. Full representation of investors before the Greek National Tourism Organization.


Studies, construction, supervision and development of hotel units, from construction to full management. Legal and financial checks of existing items - companies for sale; sustainability studies and consulation services for tourist investments.


Studies and supervision of port projects (for commercial or courtesy ports, marinas, fishing and tourist shelters, etc.). Technical and Infrastructure management, consultation services. Experts in technical and environmental issues undertake to prepare integrated mathematical models in electronic form, for the simulation of coastal phenomena (prediction of waving, streams, mass transfer) and environmental impact (dispersal of pollutants, noise level prediction, etc.)


Our company manages the file of Greek public property through the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund and may officially represent the interested investors for the purpose of managing and filing documents in order to participate in HRADF tenders.